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New Host Agency Halsey UMC in Halsey, Oregon


We’re excited to tell you of a new hosting agency in Halsey, Oregon in the heart of the Wiliamette Valley between Eugene and Albany, three miles west of I-5 on Highway 99E. Halsey United Methodist Church is a small, country church very actively engaged in the community.  The building itself is crucial to this town of Halsey as it provides the largest gathering place in the area for community gatherings and festivals, for Halsey community leaders meetings, for gathering food for over 160 hungry families each month, as well as all the activities of the local church—worship,  learning, discipleship, service, caring, and outreach!  They have a real need and desire for NOMADS to assist with their building upkeep—the primary project is painting the exterior of the church as well as making modifications to parts of the interior so they can better serve their community. The church leadership is looking forward to working with the NOMADS, during Period 10, July 14-31, 2014.  We whole-heartedly recommend and encourage your support of this new agency.

Charles & Carol Townsend

NW Project Coordinators