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What our partners say about their NOMADS teams


For Period 13, which ended October 24th, check out some of the responses we received about our teams and their impact on ministries at United Methodist agencies:

From Circle of Care Boy's Ranch in Gore, OK - "What an amazing team of NOMADS!!!! They worked so well together to provide very needed services to our ministry. Words cannot begin to describe how greatful we are to them and their dedication to the Lord and His work. Our youth became so attached to them that they did not want them to leave; a couple of them even shed tears. Being boys they tried to hide it but it was real emotion. There will always be projects to work on but investing in the lives of our youth like they did is life long investment. Only God Himself will know the full impact they have made and the dividends it will yield. Truly we are all blessed by their brief visit and look forward to seeing them and other NOMADS in 2014. NOMADS are welcome here anytime!!" 

From Camp Wanake in Beach City, OH - "Excellent as always. the leaders did a wonderful job of communicating with me as we prepared for the nomads time here at Wanake. John was very prepared for the project and invested a lot of time and energy in thinking through the projects and coming up with solutions to inherent problems within the projects. John and Mary Ann also did an excellent job of organizing the team and designating tasks and responsibilities so that everyone felt challenged and kept busy and productive. The participants were gracious and hard working and really ministered with the spirit of Christ. Excellent leadership and team all around. Many thanks for their hard work and service!!!"

From the Louisiana Children's Home OWL Center in Dubach - "Group was great! They worked really well together. Smaller size was good for us on this project. Great people, great attitudes, great work. We thoroughly enjoyed them and much appreciate all that was done. Lots of knowledge and expertise in areas that we had need."

From Casowasco Camp and Retreat Center in Moravia, NY - "Overall, the NOMAD team worked very well, both with the site staff and with each other. The only obstacle was the weather. We had a good mixture of indoor and outdoor projects on our list, but due to the wet and cold weather and other site needs we were not able to get to as many outdoor projects as we would have liked to. The NOMAD team was patient with us as we adjusted plans and got supplies for more work to continue. Overall, this was a great team who listened to each other and served very faithfully!"

From Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Chatham, IL - "Excellent/great help. Send them all again."

From Lake Junaluska Assembly in NC - "Great group, everyone worked together and all were very coorperative.They all worked hard to get jobs accomplished.We appreciate all of them and hope they will all return to LJ."