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Board Meeting Highlights


My last duty as Chairman of the Board is to relate to the membership the highlights of the Board Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Membership. I will try to give you what I believe you need to hear without boring you with all of the details.

1.            Carla is still Carla and apparently is going to stay with us for at least another year which I hope will stretch into decades. You will remember that she is her own boss and has contracted with us to supply services to NOMADS. She is not an employee and is responsible for all of her own expenses and materials. The Board and Carla have come to an agreement for another year, and the Board and Membership are very happy that she will continue as our Program Administrator. Thank you Carla for all that you do. We are certain that you are a gift from God.
2.            You, the membership of NOMADS, have elected three new Board members to replace those of us whose terms have expired as of the end of the Annual Meeting last week. They are as follows:
               Southeast Jurisdiction Representative            Robert Delcuze
               Member at Large                                                   Joe Kossan
               Member at Large                                                   Cliff Schornick
3.            You have also voted to amend the by-laws.
4.            I hope every member of NOMADS is aware of the new website which we have developed in the last year.   It is not yet finished (probably never will be) and is already making things easier and faster for all concerned. If you have not tried the website, please do. You can’t hurt it so just go on line and play so that you will become familiar with what it can do for us. Communication is great, and this tool will help us communicate in many ways. It is already bringing in about one new member every day since it became active. If you have problems please contact Carla. She can steer you in the proper direction.
5.            NOMADS has granted to its agencies approximately $75,000.00 so that they can continue their work. These monies are in addition to all the labor supplied by NOMADS and all the money NOMADS spend caring for themselves on projects and getting to the various projects. You -- the Membership -- are responsible for giving and raising these funds so that we can be the loving organization God established. At the auction at this Annual Meeting you who were present gave in excess of $33,000.00. You are generous. Thank you.
6.            The Annual Meeting in Marion, North Carolina was a wonderful success. Those of you who were not able to be present missed a great time. You may have been a little warmer than those of us who attended, but we decided it was better to be cold than wet or hot. Without mentioning names (for fear I will miss some), I want to personally thank all those who were involved in making this Annual Meeting great. We had 144 rigs and 278 people from 32 states. We had a wonderful time.
7.            You have new officers who will represent you in the coming year. I list them below:
               Bill Tarbell                          Chairman of the Board
               Carol Stoner                      Vice Chairman
               Shirley Hope                     Secretary
               Joe Kossan                       Treasurer
               Duane Wakefield             Assistant Treasurer
I thank you -- the entire membership -- for making this year as Chairman a memorable one for me. Without your work on projects and your leadership in so many areas, this would be an impossible job. Your participation in all areas and your leadership has been remarkable, and with all of you being self starters it leaves the Chairman with little to do. Thank You again for your love of God and your fellow man.
Come to IOWA next year September 19-23 for Annual Meeting.
Jim Traviss
Past Board Chairman