We are a ministry of the United Methodist Church

Attention NOMADS! Please enter your SKILLS electronically!


If you are a member of NOMADS, please log in to the member's area and enter your work skills for us. 

In the past you filled out a paper version and then we scanned it in so it could be emailed to your team leaders each time you sign up to work a project.  Now that we have this fantastic new website, we want your skills entered and kept up to date electronically, by you.  We have not typed in your old ones from your skill sheet....we want you to enter your current skills as of right now.  Remember, some of you have skill sheets that are several years old!   

To log in:  At top of Home Page click on MEMBER's Sign In.  Then key in your user name and password (if you have not yet gotten these or have forgotten yours, click on "do you need your login information").  Once logged in, at the top of the screen in the blue box, click on "Edit the YOUR NAME record".  This brings you to the UPDATE YOUR MEMBER PROFILE screen.  Just below the login fields, you can ADD NEW WORK SKILL.  Click on that, select a skill that you have, from the list provided, assign the appropriate skill expertise number for it, then click on ADD NEW WORK SKILL to add the next skill.  Please do this repeatedly until all your skills are entered.   Then you must click SAVE at the bottom of the screen. 

Please let me know if you need any help with this.  In the future, when you access your record, your skills will be listed and you can change them as you learn new skills and gain expertise in them.