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Team Lumberton Weekly Report July 28th


Monday we started a punch list for Mary Elizabeth's house so that project will be finished this week in the living areas. Suzanne & Larry spent the day there working on trim. Carol worked at Leon's house getting drywall finished so that ceiling can be finished & walls painted. Randy & Mary worked on the landing for the rear storage area. We have been joined by a youth group who are scraping the outside trim to get it ready for painting.

Tuesday was spent finishing the punch list at Mary Elizabeth's house. Suzanne, Carol, and Larry worked hard to get to get many small jobs done. They included cover plates, transition strips, missing trim, closet shelving, and tool round up. Randy and Mary worked in the back room at Leon's. They got a landing done, ready for steps down and started putting OSB board on the very uneven walls. They found square nails holding siding on, and had the old studs out of line up to 2" for one to the next. It's going to take a lot of shimming to get wall straight.

Wednesday the stipple sisters (Carol & Suzanne) got the two bedroom ceilings done, Larry built a breakfast bar, & Randy & Mary worked on the back room at Leon's.

Thursday the stipple sisters finished the ceilings, and the other 3 members got the storage room finished and the stairs down to it built.

Larry and Carol Ewing