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Weekly DR Report July 25th North Carolina


Week 7

July 23, 2017

Our team at Lumberton lost Dave and Rita and Morris and Karen. Safe travels and thanks for your service. We had Larry and Carol and Ray and Cathy join Suzanne and Max and Anne. Another really good team and we appreciate their hard work.

Again, a lot of work was completed and a new home was begun. Work is winding down on Mary Elizabeth’s house. All the laminate in the house is now complete. The cedar was reinstalled in the dining room and looks so good! The living room, dining room are complete and kitchen is close to complete. There is some final trim to be completed, a little painting and transition strips to be installed. The back porch also remains to be done but the timing of that is up to Jeff. The team installed the final base cabinet in the kitchen of Dora’s house and did a little trim work there this week. Another group was to install laminate there at the end of the week and then there will be just some trim work to complete and Dora should be back in her home. The new house we started on is the home of Leon and Virginia. It is a two bedroom one bath home that has had the dry wall installed and some taping and mudding done. The team completed the drywall finishing and is now ready to texture the ceilings and prime the walls. We understand this home is scheduled to be dedicated by the Bishop August 13.

It was another fun week of hard work with lots of laughter and hugs. We thank God for our safety and everything that was accomplished. We really enjoyed our time in Lumberton the last 4 weeks and turned leadership over to Larry and Carol as we left to return home.

Max and Anne