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Disaster Rebuilding Week 6 NC July 15th


Week 6
July 16, 2017

Our team this week was unchanged from last week. It consisted of Max and Anne, Suzanne, Morris and Karen and Dave and Rita. Unfortunately, we did not have any one else join us. We would like to encourage anyone so led to come to Lumberton to help in this communities’ recovery. There are still team openings waiting to be filled. Yes, it is hot but tolerable and it is very rewarding. Without exception we have been warmly welcomed and everywhere we go in the community people stop and thank us for being here.

This week much was accomplished. First, our prayers were answered with a cooler start to the week. Laminate flooring was installed in the hallway and the living room. The base and quarter-round were completed in the sitting room. We also went back and installed quarter-round in the laundry room and closet. We assisted Elizabeth in getting her bed moved into the bedroom – she was so excited. We were also able to assist in getting their computer/internet and TV working again. Crown molding, base and quarter-round were installed in the hall. Doors were shortened and re-installed in the hall. And there was lots of caulking and painting of trim. The door trim was reinstalled in the living room and almost all the base, quarter-round and trim were installed. We have a few items to complete in the hall and living room but we are basically down to the dining room and kitchen to complete the living area of the house. There is also some work to be done on the back porch. For more details and pictures check out our blog at www.RvingWithaPurpose.com.

Our primary prayer request continues to be for more moderate temperatures and that we all stay well hydrated.

Max and Anne