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NC Disaster Rebuilders Weekly Report June 16th


Week 2, Disaster Rebuild Project, Lumberton, North Carolina

We have now completed two weeks of rebuilding here in Lumberton.  We continue to work in Mary Elizabeth’s home, and Dora’s home.

Mary Elizabeth’s home has been a challenge with all of the sheet rock work.  We have been taping and mudding, and sanding most of the week.  The team was able to start installing the flooring in a large walk-in closet and the laundry room.  We put in half of the plywood over the sub-floor on Wednesday, and the rest on Thursday.  After getting all of the plywood down we installed the underlayment in the same area.  We were able to get the vinyl flooring put down and the washer and dryer re-installed before we left.

Painting also got started in some of the rooms.  It is starting to look like a finished job.  Still lots of work to go, but looking good.

At Dora’s the team has been doing a lot of finish work.  Repairing a spot on a wall of concrete.  The wall is an outside wall of red brick covered with a layer of concrete stucco.  The team did a great job for their first time doing this type of work.  Lot of molding installed, lights repaired, door fixtures installed, and many more items to complete this house.  They are ready to start the laminate floor installation next week.

We are losing some of our team this week.  Larry and Dottie, and Don and Muriel are leaving us.  They will be greatly missed.  This was Don and Muriel’s first NOMADS project, they will make a great addition to our family.

We have lots of work to do here in Lumberton, and many slots that can be filled, including one leader position.  If you are traveling this way and would like to stop and help for a week or so, just let Carla or the team leader know that you would like to sign up for that week.

And remember, God Loves You

Gary Hatcher