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Week One Rebuilding in North Carolina 6-10-17


North Carolina Disaster Rebuild Project, Lumberton, North Carolina

We started our DR project here in Lumberton on a run.  Ron and Becky arrived early in the week before the project start date and spent some time with the North Carolina United Methodist Church Disaster Response staff.  They discussed the upcoming work and took some time getting acquainted with the local area.  The rest of the team arrived on Saturday.  Sharon and I arrived early in the afternoon, Larry and Dottie, Scott and Kay, and Jo, arrived later.  We started with a full team, and a great one at that.

Sunday morning we all went to Sunday school and church at Chestnut United Methodist Church.  Sharon has been reading a book about Debra, a prophetess from the Old Testament.  The Sunday school lesson was on Debra.  Sharon had to get up and leave the class early so she wouldn't hear the “rest of the story.”  Church service was provided by the youth.  It was a very good service.  Some of the youth performed a skit about how the world and Satan, reaches out to tempt them.  It was very intense, and the point was made, Christ is the answer.

Our Sunday wasn’t over.  Sunday evening the Disaster Response team provided our team with a lasagna dinner at the church.  Here we had a great meal and had the chance to meet our hosts.  I think we have some new NOMADS in the making.

Monday morning we got to work, like I said “on a run”.  Jeff, our construction coordinator, took us to our first home, owned by Mary Elizabeth.  Repairs had been started by prior volunteers.  Jeff wanted volunteers that could work until it was completed, that fits NOMADS.  Most of the sheet rock had been hung, but none of the finish work had been started.  So, this past week we have been taping and mudding sheet rock.  Larry and Scott spent some time repairing some floors, installing a door, and hanging some sheet rock.  Sometime on the first day, we all noticed that Mary Elizabeth, and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth, were working alongside of us doing taping and mudding.  What a great relationship we have developed with this family.  We still have lots of work to do prior to painting, installing laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, and clean up.

Jeff took me to a second home, Dora’s place, to look at what we could do there.  Most of the kitchen cabinets had been put in by prior volunteers, but still lacked a couple of lower base cabinets and the countertop.  The kitchen floor needed some repair prior to the installation of new laminate.  Vinyl flooring had to be installed in a utility room, paint touch up, and some cleaning.  The house had been remodeled at some time and where the kitchen had been enlarged there was a difference of height in the floor.  The original kitchen floor was wood, the area that was added due to the enlargement, had been a porch made of concrete.  The slope had to be made less, or removed.  Ron and Becky took on the challenge.  They first installed a couple of base cabinets and the counter top.  They did a great job.  Then the job of fixing the uneven floor.  Ron and Becky, using a small jack hammer, removed all of the concrete that fill the gap between the wood floor and the concrete floor.  The plan was to refill the space, 8” by about 10’, with more concrete and feather it out to a smooth, less slopping, finish.  Ron came up with a better idea.  He removed some of the kitchen wooden floor down to the floor joist, cut off some of the top of the floor joist, and re-installed the wood flooring.  This worked great.  They then filled the gap with concrete.  Great job.  Not only did they get those two jobs done, but they cleaned, installed some vinyl flooring, and did some painting.

This was a very productive week.  The Lord blessed us with great people to work with, and for.

We saw Scott and Kay, and Jo off this weekend.  Tried my best to keep them here.  We're looking forward to seeing Mike and Susan, and Donald and Muriel, arrive on Saturday.

Please continue to pray for our teams, and the home owners that have been displaced due to the flooding here in Lumberton.

Gary and Sharon Hatcher, Team Leaders in Lumberton