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Disaster Rebuilding continues in Oklahoma Apr 14, 2017


The DR team in Lawton continued working at Tiffany’s house this week.  We started the week off by installing ½ inch plywood throughout the house covering the sub-floor, and doing touch up on the paint.  Barb spent a lot of time walking around with a roll of blue tape marking where there were areas that needed touch up on the paint.  The beige walls had blue spots all over them.  Finally, somebody took Barb’s blue tape from her, tape to be found no more again.  On Tuesday, Hal, from the Oklahoma UMC Disaster Relief, brought us the ringed nails for the nail gun so we could nail the plywood down.  While that was being done, we went to Home Depot and picked up the laminate flooring.  The laminate flooring installation started right after lunch, the team, Ricci, Jane, Barb, Marc, Deb, and Sharon, was so good at the installation that they completed almost half of the work in one afternoon.  Jack did a lot of patch work on the wall board where areas had needed some major repair, and started installing the base board trim and window trim.  Gary mostly watched and stayed out of the way by taking all of the doors outside and painting them.

Wednesday saw the completion of the laminate floor.  It looks great.  Most of the base board molding was completed also.  Marc and Deb installed the concrete board in the bathroom in preparation for the new ceramic tile floor.  Gary painted more doors. (Both sides needed painting, good job for a leader.)

Thursday Sharon, Barb, and Deb installed the peel and stick tile in the kitchen.  They did a wonderful job.  They also had a lot of fun while doing it.  After they completed the floor they tackled the job of cleaning the washing machine and the stove.  Both of these appliances had been sitting for two years without being used, they were pretty dirty.  Marc, Jack, and Gary (when not painting doors) worked on more of the trim work.  Ricci and Jane installed the ceramic tile in the bath room. 

The house is almost completed.  We are planning our dedication with Tiffany next Thursday.

We lose Marc and Deb, and Ricci and Jane this week.  Morris and Karen, Kevin and Lora, and Richard and Linda will be joining us this weekend.  We will be starting a new project on Monday so the extra couple will come in real handy.

Gary Hatcher