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United Methodist Agencies love their NOMADS teams!


Recent comments from our Church and Agency partners who had NOMADS projects during period 3:

"The presence of the NOMAD groups is always helpful and spiritually uplifting, but this group were especially so. They provided special music one Sunday. They took on the plans we had designed and found improved ways to decrease expenses and yet improve the designs. They were encouraging and righteous in their dealings with people in the congregation and in the community."

"They worked very hard and did terrific work. Gifted in many areas. A terrific group of people."

"As always the NOMADS were awesome. Went way above and beyond."

"They worked very hard and always happy. Great to work with them and always going the extra mile to help in any way."

"The team was EXCELLENT!"

"The team leaders and members exhibited outstanding teamwork donating approximately 696 labor hours to our projects. Many challenging projects were completed by all members doing excellent repair works. They had the knowledge and skills we needed to effect the needed repairs."

"Excellent, could not be better!"

"Another totally successful NOMADS project which exceeded the scope of the initial project. They exceeded my expectations and those of the church. As project lead from my church, I remain very impressed with the dedication, attention to detail, joyful attitudes, humble demeanor and gifted talents of this group of exceptional NOMADS. They made a very positive impact to the church and will be remembered for a long time. They were a joy to work with and will be missed."

"All the nomads were active and working each day and very skilled as well as efficient in accomplishing many tasks. They kept our project coordinator on his toes keeping up with them."

"We were all amazed at how much they accomplished and how eager they were to help us get our long list of projects completed. They are very special people that we will never forget and wish they would come back!"

"From the minute our leader arrived on-site before the team joined us, until the very last interaction of the project, they blessed every one they met and showed the love of Christ to our staff, volunteers and children. They worked so very hard and finished all we had planned for them (and a few extra things too). What a terrific group! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May God bless each one."

"Over and above anything we ever expected!"

"The NOMADS for this project has a wonderful skill set that totally met the needs of our Agency. The team more than met the needs of the project that we presented. One of the best groups we have ever had. 100% satisfied! Great people too!"

"Our team did excellent work but also excellent ministry. We enjoyed worshipping with the Nomads and praying with them and for them. My people are both humbled and in awe of their work. So am I. We have established relationships with the Nomads. Our church members are motivated and making plans for a health fair and back to school fair."

"This was a great team of folks who were flexible, innovative and a credit to the Nomads organization. We are very grateful to the Nomads organization. Our town is a poor town, with much poverty. Our church is on the rebound, and having the Nomads here is a tremendous help in building unity in the community."