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Agency comments from recent projects


Comments from some of our period 2 (Feb 2017) project agencies:

All work performed was top notch quality. Nomad team members were very flexible adjusting to changes / needs. Great attitudes and good spirits throughout the project.”

“This group really worked hard and accomplished miracles.”

“Excellent as always!!! The staff members were so impressed (again) with the dedication, determination, cooperation, leadership, enthusiasm and skills of all of the volunteers.”

“This is my 12th Nomad experience, and it always amazes me that this group of volunteers is able to complete so much in their three week visit. The projects were done quickly, very efficiently and the quality of the work was great. The time and money saved for our congregation is greatly appreciated, it allows us to spend more of our time and money on our outreach and mission to our community. We also appreciate and enjoyed the fellowship with this wonderful group of people.”

“Overall, the entire team was delightful and eagerly took on every project. They worked hard, efficiently, conscientiously and independently. We look forward to seeing them again!”

“The work was impeccable and everyone participated fully. They even brought guitars for worship and led us in singing. We were truly blessed to have them with us.”

“Team did an excellent job of evaluating the scope of the project, managing the project, and completing it in the allotted time.”

“The work done by the team was excellent and the three team members sang in the choir and several of them attended the adult Sunday school class. They were a blessing to our church.”

“The entire church was amazed at the work done. The whole team was professional and easy to work with. We thank God for the blessing of your program.”

“ALWAYS the best!  Completed projects, always cheerful and willing. Can't say enough about each one of them.”

“The team was punctual and had a work ethic that was amazing. Each team member gave their best to the project.”

“The NOMADS are always a lift for the entire community. They participate fully in the life of the congregation and community, are recognized, and are helping to introduce the full spectrum of UM theology as it regards practical theology. “

“This group we had were amazing. They are so hard working and so giving. They never complained about anything and always wanted to keep busy. Amazing group....”

“This nomad team was very capable and very well skilled. They were very friendly to the property owners, and managed to find ways of communicating with Spanish only speakers. Their professional work and loving attitudes owe them the respect of the community and the congregation. THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE!”

“The Nomads exemplified a Christian attitude and cooperative not only to the residences repaired but to the church membership as well.”