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Wimberley Week Ending Feb. 2nd


Wimberley TX DR Project – Jan. 30 thru Feb. 2, 2017

10 Matador – Painted and installed 2 new doors for the bathrooms, installed vanity and top in main bath, painted new textured wall in main bath and installed water closet.

In the kitchen dishwasher was installed, dented sink repaired and installed, tile backsplash installed and grouted, oak panels for backs of cabinets installed, stained and polyurethane applied. Light fixture in main bath installed, baseboard trim completed, final paint touch up, and 2 GFI receptacles installed.

17 Cypress – Installed and painted 2 new exterior doors, did touch up paint and various walls and trim, scrubbed the Terra cotta tile floors, finished baseboard trim, electrical outlets, final drywall coating around the back door.

Trash from 17, 40 and Matador were hauled to the dumpster at the Lea Lane project.

40 Cypress – finished painting exterior doors, scrubbed closet floor tiles. Presented owners with a bible signed by the NOMADS that had worked on this project.

41 Cypress – we did a walk through on Wed. afternoon to check out the scope of this project. Thursday we spent a few hours here removing old crown molding, making an electrical repair in the dining room, painting back of upper cabinets, and clearing the downstairs bathroom of materials to allow planning of the remodel.

260 Lea Lane – Installed new metal roof on 18’ x 4’ rear porch, tore off all shingles, tar paper from 2 car garage, replaced several 4’x8’ sheets of plywood on roof deck, rebuilt the rafters, soffit along the house side of the garage, hauled all the demo debris into the dumpster after it was finally delivered on Wednesday.

Social Times:

Last Friday 8 of us drove to San Antonio to visit the Alamo, walked the River Walk, and rode to the top of the Tower of the Americas. 
We welcomed Stel Cummings and Jodi Price to the team this week during our Sunday get acquainted meeting. 

We enjoyed a game night Wednesday evening and on Thursday went out to dinner at the Italian Gardens. It gave us a chance to say good bye to Stel and Jodi and Jim and Chic Bixler, who are leaving us this week. We will be welcoming Dennis and Nancy Williams and Robert and Anne Oelke to the project this coming week.

Submitted by Jeff and Joyce Fetters, team leaders