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Hosting Agencies report on their Nomads teams!


Our period 4 projects ended March 24, 2022 and our agencies who had projects have reported incredible results:

"The team did an incredible amount of work and were very professional. This was a great group with a variety of skills and a very strong work ethic. We had no issues and were thrilled with the amount of work they accomplished and quality of work the provided."

"Wonderful group with many talents! The full group worked well with one another."

"Awesome, Amazing, Wonderful! We are so blessed to have had such a skilled and focused group here to tackle the numerous projects we needed to accomplish. Everyone was beyond dedicated to the mission at hand and worked tirelessly throughout the project."

"Team's work volume and quality was absolutely superb! Team worked as a family and had fun! Many times this Team had to re-plan due to area storms. Much stop/start flexibility on projects was required. Team was particularly sensitive to homeowner needs and situations and ministered to them: (handicapped, sickness, personal hardships). Teams are truly "Spirit Led" and are "walking-the-talk". Team Leaders last year were instrumental in helping us establish our own Handy-Persons Team (HPT). This team functions as a NOMADS-Lite. The HPT helps out the community of adjacent homes in the months that NOMADS aren't with us. Our goal is to not only assist homeowners with home maintenance; but to establish relationships leading to them participating with our Church family."

"Great group of Nomads. Very pleasant to work with. All the work was professionally done. The team worked well together."

"Top notch work as always!"

"All participated and did a wonderful job."

"As always a 10/10. Everyone worked well together. We love having them here."

"Hard work, very good participation."

"This has been the best group yet, our leaders ran this group like pros, everyone got along and we had such an amazing time. They did an amazing job even leading our music every Sunday. We can't thank all them enough and they are welcome anytime, anywhere I am."

"This team was amazing! This group of individuals did amazing work on our facility. The group went above and beyond to get some remarkable projects engineered and completed. They surprised themselves!  Working on the doors was one of our major projects. It was a wonderful project put together by all the women of the team. They did 10 doors on North despite weather issues. Just a wonderful group of Christian individuals that we were so blessed to have at our facility. All are welcome anytime."