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Membership Dues - March 31, 2022


Membership Dues

Yes, it's time to pay membership dues for the next year.  Our dues year ends March 31st, and you can login to the website and click on "Dues-Membership Status" to see when you last paid and if you have paid for the next year.  Quite a few of you have already paid, and our new members who joined since the first of the year have also paid through March 31, 2023.

While you are on that page you can click on PAY DUES NOW and use a credit card, or you can mail a check to our mailing address (which is at the bottom of all my group emails).  Dues for "active" status (allows sign up for projects) is $45 per person/per year, and alumni dues (no projects) are $10 per person/per year.  If you can't get the credit card function to work, you might try a different credit/debit card.  Otherwise you'll need to mail a check.  I don't have a way to take credit cards payments from you outside of the automated system on our website. 

When your dues are received, I change the "paid date" and "next dues date" on your record.  Thank you for getting your dues to us in a timely fashion.  We hope you are interested and able to continue your Nomads ministry next year.