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South Carolina DR Report


Hello from the south. The South Carolina Disaster Rebuild has much to offer.  Not only have they had plenty of work for us to do but they have ice cream shops galore. There is one called Cook Out with 40 different shakes that are all pretty good. So for the work. We are still at the McManus house one bathroom done and the second started. Tore out the shower and surround and found what we expected. The floor joists were all rotted including the ones that had been sistered to brace the shower. Most of the rest of the house is done, that will take awhile.

       We also went over to Ms Young’s home. There Desiree finished the ceiling in the shower and another spot not seen before, while outside we reattached the soffits along the whole back of the house. Hint it took more time to move the ladder into position than to attach the soffit. But with that done we presented her with one of the NOMADS bibles.

   Jay and Harriett Hanke and Karl and Rita Hester joined us for two of the last three weeks and Bruce and Janette Lenhardt stayed the last three weeks. This allowed us to finish the McManus house. That was a real job with lots of work to fix the floors as well as plumbing work.

   We are now rapidly working to the end of this project. We are trying to get as much of Ms Corra’s house done as possible. We had a bathroom that needed a complete new floor, cut out the tub and replace with a shower pan. The wall has to be rebuilt and brought in 6”. I hate to say it but we only had time to do part of that bath. 

   We repaired and replaced most of the floor in the master bedroom and by Thursday we should have a beautiful wood laminate floor installed on it and down the hall. We also have repaired half a dozen soft spots in the living room and hopefully will have a new laminate flooring installed on it and the kitchen by Thursday.

  With our small team of 4 we didn’t even try to tackle the other bathroom and it’s rotten floor. Ms Corra gave NOMADS a big compliment today when she told Carolyn the “NOMADS are so much better than the government. Government is supposed to help poor people but NOMADS help out of caring and love.”

So NOMADS, see you down the road and hopefully at the Annual Meeting in Elkhart in September. 

Gene and Carolyn Freeman, Team Leaders SC DR