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Disaster Rebuilding Continues in SC


Hello from South Carolina!

    Here it is getting towards the middle of May, so we have a big race in one town for those that like NASCAR and biker week for the two wheeler types. Both were fun for those that could follow it. For the rest of us it was a busy week working at multiple houses.

    We were blessed to be able to give bibles to Mr. Charles and Ms. Gould. How can you count the blessings from the smiles on the faces of people who have had issues with their homes for going on two years?

    For Mr. Charles, we repaired/ replaced the floor in the laundry, kitchen and part of the living room. Also repaired walls under two windows . For Ms. Gould we repaired the floors in the sunroom, dining room and living room, and repaired the ceiling in the master bath.

    After that we started at Ms. McManus' home. There we have a wall and floor in a bedroom to fix and a window in the living room. We also have major work in both bathrooms. In one we will replace the flooring and toilet, and in the other we'll replace half the flooring and also the shower and toilet.

     Y’all are invited to enjoy the fun. We had to say good bye to Rick and Marylin Sherman (who took a lot of ribbing about Sherman’s March), and Mike and Mona Monsma.  Both couples said they had a great time on their first disaster rebuilding project.

Gene and Carolyn  Freeman

Team leaders - South Carolina DR