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Weekly Team Report - SC DR at 5-6-21


Hey all you adventurous NOMADS.  Here we are working out of Tatum, South Carolina and going to Wallace SC to work on Mr. Charle’s home. It has been a challenge, but God is so good.  We are working with Scott and Chari Shawcross, Rick and Marilyn Sherman and of course us ( Gene and Carolyn Freeman). The first of the week was Hot Hot Hot. Near or over 90 each day. Mr. Charles, the home we are working on has done his best to try and make the working environment comfortable.

      We all know that only God is Holy and now we can say that mobile home floors are Holely. Get the pun. It seems every time we fix a hole another is born.  But this team perseveres and keep plugging away. Anyway we are almost done with his house and will be beginning work on another home next week. 

   We finished Ms. Lily’s and Ms. Cynthia’s homes Monday and had the privilege of giving Bibles to two wonderful ladies. The smiles on their faces makes the work most enjoyable.

Bye from your Tatum team and y’all come on over.

Gene and Carolyn Freeman