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SC Disaster Rebuilders weekly report 4-30-21


Greetings NOMADS, from your team in Tatum, South Carolina. The Freemans arrived on Friday as the Armstrongs were leaving. The rest of the team consisting of Stel Cummings, Jodi Price, Lou and Elaine Amandola, Randy and Mary Fathbruckner  and Sara Donaldson all stayed on for the next two weeks.

We all worked on Ms. Cynth’s noble home and Ms. Lily's home for the last two weeks. They both needed extensive floor repairs and also both required work on the plumbing. As often happens we had surprises. Mary was cleaning out some debris from the tub in Ms. Cynth’s home when she found a large crack in the bottom of the tub. Therefore the tub needed to be replaced.  However, while removing the old tub, the plumbing, which previously had no leaks, started dripping. No problem. Just replace the leaking elbows and all will be fine. No problem until another spot became like a fountain at the water park. You should have seen Mary as she became a deer sprinting to the road to turn off the water.  Even with all the surprises they finished Ms. Cynth’s house on Thursday April 29th.

Meanwhile at Lily’s home the plumbing had been installed “improperly” and didn’t reach through the wall to connect to the spout. Stel with ingenuity finally got the tub and shower working. The team also had a lot of work getting flooring down in the bath. We are ready to put down new flooring and trim and her home will be done.

On Tuesday, Sara, Carolyn and Gene started work on Mr. Charle’s home 5 minutes down the road. At his mobile home there are numerous holes in the floor. Major work in the laundry room and hall took most of the week to remove the old and put in new. I found out that placement of walls is not logical as two of them are not over any floor joists. Therefore we had to make some.

All in all we have had a great time and met some wonderful people. Can only wish that you could all experience the wonders of God here with us.

Gene and Carolyn Freeman

Team Leaders Tatum SC Disaster Rebuilding team