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Hosting Agencies report on their Nomad Teams


Nomads teams in January and February of 2021 received some great comments from our hosting agency staffers.

"Very conscientious work was performed for all tasks. Additionally noticed and fixed some things that they discovered while here on our campus."

"Our NOMAD team was incredibly friendly, courteous and professional in everything they did and we would welcome them back again, anytime. Wonderful servants of the Lord, each and every one of them."

"Highly competent and hard workers - greatly appreciated their work and their attitudes in their work!"

"This team, as in previous years preformed as a comfortable professional team. They took all challenges with good planning and matched tasks to Nomads expertise . I would welcome any and all back again."

"Superior. The team leader was a terrific leader. The two couples did not know each other until they started our project. It was amazing how they gelled in working together. You would have thought they had been a team for years."

"They were very efficient so we were able to do a lot of work in a little amount of time. Their quality of work was also outstanding."

"They were all so wonderful. Loved having them here. So friendly."

"The Nomads work was excellent and the group of Nomads was very much a blessing to our congregation. They attended our service and had a daily devotion."

"This is the first group of NOMADS to work with us on outreach projects and their example of dedication to helping the community has been an inspiration to our church. We have now been inspired to explore community organizations that can help identify needs in our community. What was started as a mission to complete UMCOR projects may develop into an ongoing mission for our area. This team worked hard, treated our clients with dignity and respect, and contributed to our church community while they were here."

"All of our Nomads were courteous, friendly, extremely hard working and mirrored a Christ-like attitude in everything they did. We appreciate them and miss them already."

"All work was planned, tools and materials organized, NOMADS assigned and efforts executed with great skill and energy. The NOMADS worked as a Spirit-filled team and enjoyed each other’s company and fellowship. Some members of our church joined them in their projects. The Mission Outreach efforts revealed that NOMADS were a powerful dynamic for Christ. Very quickly, the NOMADS established a warm relationship with each homeowner and often some of their families. All the homes were in some form of personal stress and crisis. These people were hurting and the NOMADS ministered to them. They took time to listen to their stories, struggles, and the appreciation for having work performed they could not perform themselves. They are truly Disciples of Christ. Additionally, they suggested and implemented a gift-Bible initiative for the homeowners. All the bibles were signed by the NOMADS, Chair of Trustees, Pastor and other church supporters. The NOMADS made several suggestions for our acquiring resources and materials and equipment through a NOMADS’ grant and follow-on mission work to the homeowners."

"The work that has been completed has been excellent. Participation is 100%."

"EXCELLENT ! Our project was loosely created and revised as we went. The team was great at evaluating how to do all of the tasks successfully in their time-frame. Team Leaders did a great job of planning activities."

"NOMADS were polite, efficient, clean, prompt, thorough and went above and beyond expectations. The NOMADS are always a blessing!"