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Annual Meeting Love Auction Fundraiser - ends Sept. 30, 2020


Annual Meeting Love Auction Fundraiser - runs through September 30, 2020

Love Auction.  Mark and I, as auction committee chairs, are heartbroken that members are not going to experience Annual Meeting this year.  The attendees get so much out of getting together, sharing stories, meeting up with friends, and of course, enjoying the silent and live auctions.  During last years Love Auction, our generous, loving and talented group donated and purchased over $52,000 to fund projects.  This money goes directly to the financial support we offer to the agencies that allow us to park our rigs and do God’s work.  
As y’all know, we are having to do a Love Offering this year in lieu of our Annual Meeting Love Auction.  We thought it would be fun to remember some of the fun ways we brought the Love Auction totals up last year.  Some paid $25 per pet, others paid $5 per years married, hundreds of dollars for watermelons, and some generous people helped fund a project. 
With 786 members, just $50 per member will bring us very close to last years totals. And of course you don’t have to limit yourselves to $50.   And we are also aware that our alumni is very generous.  We know this year is crazy.  We know Annual Meeting would be a lot more fun than just writing a check. Our agencies appreciate us and this money just gives them an extra boost.
So prayerfully consider donating to our Love Auction.  Any amount brings us closer to funding our projects.  NOMADS are awesome.  Lisa McCurdy and Mark Mulder, Auction Committee Chairpersons