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Texas Disaster Rebuilding March 20, 2020


Nomads Disaster Rebuilding
Mercedes, Texas
Status Update – March 20, 2020
NOMADS have been working with the Rio Texas Conference of the UMC to repair and replace flood damaged homes in the area of Mercedes, Texas.
Although we have worked on several houses since the first of the year, our primary focus over the past three weeks has been the construction of a new three-bedroom house for a local family to replace a mobile home severely damaged by the floods.
With the able assistance of the UMC men of the McFarlin (Oklahoma) UMC and others we now have a fully framed, roofed and sided house, with doors and windows in place.  Rough plumbing is complete as well as wiring, a new meter base and breaker panel.
Ceiling insulation is underway, along with ceiling drywall.
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak our project was ended for the year as of March 19, 2020.  Although we are disappointed that the house was not completed, we are thankful that it is now tight to the weather, and vulnerable building materials are inside and protected.
Jim and Betty Posz, Team leaders