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Disaster Rebuilding in Florida March 20, 2020


This week we had a small team, Bill and Barb and Rodney and Tammy. We worked primarily at Dennis’s in hopes that we could finish his house. We built out the door installed last week so that it could be trimmed and baseboard molding installed around the door. We also installed brick molding on the exterior of the door. We caulked and painted the door, trim, and brick molding. We installed the bathroom transition strip. Doors seemed to be the task for our week. We removed Dennis’s kitchen entrance door and installed the new hurricane rated door. Like the other door we had to build it out so that it could be trimmed and baseboard and brick molding installed. We caulked and painted the trim and molding, but time did not allow us to paint the door. Bill and Dennis installed Tamper Proof electrical outlets throughout his house and they passed electrical inspection. Dennis is still waiting on his countertops, but three of his four windows were temporarily installed and passed inspection. He is now waiting for them to be permanently installed so we were unable to trim out the windows. We also worked at James and Eleanor’s home also known as Atlantis 2. We were told that they would lose their insurance if they did not get a new hurricane rated door installed ASAP so we installed their door. Barb and the homeowner’s completed installing insulation on the top floor except for the cathedral ceiling. It was truly a team effort installing all these doors because each one had its challenges. Although Dennis’s house was not totally completed, Bill, Barb, Tammy and I presented him with a Bible signed by all the NOMADS who worked on his home. It was an emotional ceremony performed by Tammy. There is still much work to be done here in the Florida Keys, but due to the Coronavirus this was the last week for the Florida DR project.

Rodney and Tammy, team leaders