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Florida Rebuilding Continues March 15, 2020


Florida Rebuilding Report

Week ending 3/14/2020

Last Friday we had to say goodbye to Lisa and Mark. They stayed and helped us an extra week and we so appreciate their hard work and extra time on our Florida rebuilding. Saturday we welcomed Tammy and Rodney to their first week in the Keys. We transitioned leadership to them over the course of this week. We made sure they were familiar with the homes currently in progress. This week we worked at five houses. At Dennis’s house we installed his new front door. It will still need to be trimmed out but he finally has a new hurricane rated front door. We also put another coat of paint on the window trim installed last week and cleaned the bathroom floor. We are still waiting on his counter tops and windows. We understand the window contractor was there Friday but we don’t know how much was accomplished. We completed the Atlantis house which we now call Atlantis 1 because we began work on the house next door, Atlantis 2. We were privileged to be able to have a Bible presentation with the team and home owner of Atlantis 1 on Thursday after dinner. Atlantis 2 was another home that was down to the studs and we started bringing it back. This week with the help of four college students from Pennsylvania, the insulation was installed and the we started on drywall installation. This is going to be another long term project. The fourth house for this week was Art’s, located on Summerland Key. We repaired damaged drywall, painted the ceilings and walls, completed cabinet installation in kitchen, prepared cabinets for countertops, and did a lot of cleaning and organizing so that we could get the rest of the materials inside the house. The fifth house was the Keystone house on Sugarloaf Key. The countertop was finally installed and we did the permanent installation of the sink. Finally after two years of washing dishes in the bathtub the homeowner has a permanent sink in her kitchen. More houses are approaching completion but there is so much more left to be done to help the people of the lower keys. It was a very good week.

Max and Anne, team leaders