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Disaster Rebuilding Continues in Florida March 6, 2020


Florida Rebuilding Report

Week of 03/06/2020

We had another busy and productive week in the Keys. Friday we had to say goodbye to Sue and we wish her safe travels. The weekend weather was uncooperative but some of the team did get to go to Key West and ride bikes and see the sights on Friday. Then Saturday we welcomed Reid and Anita and Barb and Bill to the team. We started the work week with Lisa and Barb spending part of each morning completing the drywall finishing at Atlantis. All that is left there now is hanging the bridge cabinet over the refrigerator and installing some trim. At Dennis’s house the rest of the team painted the ceiling and walls of the bathroom, The linen closet was completed with shelves installed and painted. Trim was installed, caulked and painted for the bathroom window and door and the front bedroom window. Light fixtures were installed and numerous items were completed off the punch list. Anne and Anita spent the rest of the week at Dennis’s while other team members were in and out at different times. We also began work on Art’s house. First, Max and Bill made a site visit and measured, and purchased cabinets for the kitchen. Reid and Mark completed the flooring that other volunteers began the previous week. Part of the baseboard was installed, the ceilings painted, and cabinets installed as various members of the team worked there. Such a flexible and productive team! It was another good week.

Max and Anne, team leaders