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Florida Rebuilders Weekly Report Feb 28, 2020


Florida Rebuilding Report

February 21-28 2020

Friday we had to say goodbye to Dan and Virgie as they headed back north and off of the islands. They did a great job leading the NOMADS rebuilding efforts in the Keys and we thank them for their sharing their servant hearts. Sunday the NOMADS were responsible for the “sermon” portion of the service and Lisa, Sue and Anne did a great job sharing the NOMADS story and the joy of being the hands and feet of Jesus to people in need. The questions and conversations continued after the service to the brunch provided by the church. The team divided our work time this week between Dennis’s house and the Atlantis house. At Atlantis Max and Mark installed a large exterior double door down stairs and then Lisa and Sue trimmed it out. We also framed an additional wall in the kitchen, installed the drywall and began the finishing. In Dennis’s bathroom we completed the finishing of the drywall and primed the walls and ceiling. Thursday we textured the ceiling and walls and did a knockdown on the walls. The vanity and lavatory were also installed and plumbed. The bathroom is really coming together. We also tried to correct some drain issues. It was another productive week for the Florida team.

Max and Anne, Nomads team leaders