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Disaster Rebuilding continues in Texas Feb 21, 2020


TX DR report week of 02/17/2020 - 02/20/2020


We said goodbye to the Russells, and welcomed Harry Voris back, so the teamwork once again this week was awesome!

At Carla’s home, the team finished the flooring, wiring, and the finish trim. Last week, we were flooring at the same time we were hanging doors which messes up the new floors, so this week we had to really clean the floors. We would have preferred to wait on the floors until the doors were done, but with so many hands …

We are tickled to report that Carla’s home is finished, and the Bible and keys presented to her after only 29 work days! A special thanks goes to the VIM team that started the build and to the AmeriCorps gang for the roofing and trenching. And it seems that when we needed the services of plumbers and electricians, they were right there on the team. Hmm, wonder how that happens?

At our next new build, (the Tejas home), this awesome team set the foundation blocks, built the supports and the floor joists, and laid the sub-floor. If that wasn’t enough, they set up electricity and water for use. The team built the top plates, jack studs, and trimmer studs. We started building trusses until I had to make the unpopular decision to call it on account of wind, rain, mud, and chilled workers. Besides, we had to leave something for next week’s team!

I leave knowing the team is in the capable hands of David and Sally Dyke.


Respectfully submitted,

Dave Hill, grateful team leader