We are a ministry of the United Methodist Church

Florida Disaster Rebuilding at Feb 15, 2020


Summer has returned to the Florida Keys again this winter, but fortunately most of our work is in air conditioned spaces.  We finished our work at the "M" house, and are making arrangements to present their Bible to them.  While we are waiting for window and door permits from the County and arrival of new outside doors at Dennis' house, this week we performed demolition work in the bathroom, and have advanced the rebuilding to the point of hanging sheet rock.  We also have plumbing work going on in there, so Its definitely cramped for 7 team members.  So a few of our team have been tying up loose ends at other houses with tasks such as removing temporary sinks for fabricator measurements, then reinstalling,  and preparing for installation of a water heater at another home.

Our team stays the same for the coming week, and we will continue at Dennis' as well as the water heater installation and painting the Dave Hill room at our host church.

Dan & Virgie Brown, team leaders