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Florida Disaster Rebuilding Team Report Jan 24, 2020



After an “All Hands on Deck” effort last week, final details on George’s house in Marathon were completed on Monday and Tuesday, making the deadline for dedication on Wednesday this week.  The ceremony was well attended by those providing funding, labor and materials for the project. George was presented his NOMADS bible and was very appreciative of his restored home.

After bidding farewell to Greg and Karen Batt and Wanda Woodard, we welcomed Sue Albright and Jim Keiser this week while Max and Anne Armstrong took a week off to recharge.  We will be welcoming Max and Anne back as part of the team for the coming weeks.

Our work has now shifted back to Dennis’s house in Big Pine.  Bedroom flooring, a few doors, and lots of baseboard were completed and Dennis will be moving into the bedroom this weekend to clear the way for work to begin in the second bedroom next week.

Unfortunately, the week ended on a sad note, with Sara Donaldson taking a spill on Thursday, injuring her arm which is now in a sling.  She seems to be doing well and is in good spirits, but we are still praying for her recovery anyway.

Dan and Virgie Brown