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A Good Nomad is Flexible - TX DR Report Jan 23, 2020


A Good NOMAD Is Flexible

January 12 -17, 2020

The team had Virgie and Dan join us Sunday afternoon. Dan and Virgie will be taking over leadership of the Florida DR next week and this was their transition week. Sunday night at the team meeting Anne and Max told the team our plans had changed. The conference needed us to all pull off of Dennis’s house and go to George’s on Marathon for the week, with a big push on getting the house as close to complete as possible. They needed the house completed and ready for a home dedication on January 22 – only 6 work days away. The team accepted the challenge and on Monday morning we began tackling each portion of the job one item at a time. By Thursday afternoon, the floors were completed, the walls were all painted, the windows were trimmed out, part of the base board was down, the exterior windows were trimmed out, and the bathroom remodel was almost done. There was still the bathroom flooring to install as well as the toilet and vanity to install. Jim, our construction coordinator, worked along side of us most of the week and he had other volunteers scheduled to complete the bathroom and install the kitchen cabinets over the weekend so that hopefully the NOMADS could finish the project with two more work days. It was an incredible week of work by a great team composed of Dan and Virgie, Sara, Wanda, and Greg and Karen! The end is in sight for George’s house. We have turned leadership of the Florida DR over to Dan and Virgie. It’s been a great six weeks and we know they will keep the NOMADS efforts to assist the people of the lower Keys moving ahead. It’s been a joy to serve in this place and with our great team members!

For more information and pictures see RVingWithaPurpose.com.

Max and Anne