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Rio Texas Conference Disaster Rebuilding Jan 17, 2020


This week the team started out together working on the ramp and steps at the first house. We were able to complete the steps and get all but the top board on the steps. We finished the rail on the deck. Built the ramp and had the upright boards in place for the railings. We ran out of materials so had to stop early. Tuesday we split the team, half went back to house number one and worked on ramp railing. Group one finished early so went to house number two to help. At house number two we kept busy texturing the bathroom, laying peel and press tile in the hallway, we plumbed the kitchen sink, installed one bedroom door, patched gaps around outlets and started installing trim. Wednesday group one went back to house one and put top boards on the step railings, installed the dryer vent, and installed breaker for the air conditioner. House two team was busy, they primed the bathroom, primed two doors, finished flooring in the hall and started into the bathroom, installed trim in hall and around to the to the kitchen sink, put up lights and trimmed the attic access. Thursday we all went to the second house, the bathroom was painted, outlets and switches installed, toilet set in place, vanity in place, flooring laid,and trim boards installed, touched up paint on walls, painted trim a final coat, put covers on outlets and switches, caulked trim, final coat of paint on two doors and primed one door. This week our team is not changing. 

Barb and Jack Schmoll, team leaders