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Hosting UM Agencies Love their NOMADS!


Our period 15 of 2019 ended recently, and our hosting agencies had lots of great comments about their teams:

"Our Nomads group did everything from electrical to carpentry to painting to landscaping and plumbing. Every work assignment that was given to them they completed perfectly."

"The Nomads were extraordinary in their level of skill, insight and adaptation to the task they worked on. They were self-motivated and innovative. Because of their varied experiences, they brought fresh ideas to the projects and were able to accomplish so much more than originally planned for the project."

"The NOMADS ALWAYS supply superior value. They have the skills necessary to complete the work on time and at a quality you'd find hard to obtain on the open market. The NOMADS are great people. This team (our 6th) was every bit as competent and polite as the other teams. We miss them already."

"This group was wonderful. Had just the right team members to take care of several issues around the church. We were so happy with the Nomads who came to serve us. They accomplished more than we ever expected and all the work was done extremely well. The group worked well together and complimented each others skills."

"Excellent, this group is/was such a tremendous example of Jesus hands and feet in areas around every need in helping at camp. Wonderful group of people."

"This was another outstanding team of NOMADS! They were eager to learn new skills and did a great job! Just what we needed!"

"The Nomads did a very professional job. And we are very happy with their work!"

"These folks worked so hard to accomplish these tasks. It was intense work, and they all put their hearts and backs into it."