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Florida Rebuilding Continues Dec 13, 2019


Week of December 9-12 in Big Pine Key
We said good-bye to the Phelps on Friday and then welcomed Max and Anne Armstrong and Elaine Grabin on Saturday.  Since Max and Anne are going to take over the leadership at the end of this week, the Freemans introduced them to the homeowners of the two homes that we will be working on this week.  Thursday evening we went out to dinner to celebrate the work done and the weeks that the Freemans led. 
First we went over to Dennis’s house, showed them around, and discussed what we had done and what we needed to do this week.  Since Jim, our construction coordinator, will be gone to a meeting most of the week, the supplies had already been ordered.  Then we went over to Miss Peggy’s house and saw her husband, Danny.  This is the house that our teams have been working on occasionally for the past nine weeks.  The agency has decided that we are going to finish it before Christmas.  From this house we went down to Key West and corrupted Anne and Max by stopping at Kermit’s Key Lime Shop and introducing them to Key Lime Pie on a Stick.  Then we all went back to the church where we had our weekly meeting.
At Dennis’s house this week, we worked on the ceiling on Monday and Tuesday morning. Another volunteer group is in town and some of their team members have joined us to get the ceiling finished.  Some sanding and additional mud has been applied.  The other team’s members worked on setting tape in the hallway and sanding in the bedroom.  Dennis continues to help us and is very excited about the work that we are all doing.   By Wednesday we had the final touch up mudding done so that we could apply the textured ceiling on Thursday after sanding.  Dennis asked us to wait until Monday to paint the ceiling and apply the texture.  Before the end of the day, Gene showed Dennis what the texture would look like using a choice of three nozzles and he picked the one he liked best.  This also showed the team how the hopper/sprayer works.  Elaine is doing a good job on her maiden voyage mudding.  She took on one of the closets and has done a good job.   Gene told Elaine that she would be the person who would stand in front of the hopper when our hands get sore and would become the NOMAD snowman. Elaine declined that honor!  Ron and Mary continue to hone their skills in this area.  On Wednesday we had some trouble repairing some loose tape.  Anne and Carolyn independently and almost simultaneously came up with the idea of using a syringe without a needle and found that it worked pretty well!  Carolyn deferred to Anne because of her expertise in using a syringe in her past life!
We went to Danny and Peggy’s house in the afternoons on Monday and Tuesday.  Ron worked on applying the primer to the soffit and fascia board.  Gene worked on painting the finish coat on it.  We are hoping that the paint will stick this time.  Elaine, Mary, Anne, and Carolyn worked on painting the ceiling in the master bedroom.  Elaine and Mary worked on painting the ceilings in the bathrooms.  Anne repaired the ceiling in one bedroom and painted the trim in the third bedroom.  She and Carolyn began trimming that bedroom. Max worked in the kitchen where he trimmed the endcaps on the kitchen counter.  Gene worked on the dishwasher and put a spacer between the cabinet and dishwasher.  Max also spent a lot of Tuesday working on replacing missing trim.

Gene and Carolyn Freeman, team leaders