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Texas Rebuilders Team Report Dec 13, 2019


This week we welcomed Dave and Judy Peterson to our group. We have 4 RVs and 7 people. We accomplished quite a bit. The outside of the house got blue paint on 2 sides and the eaves got white final coat all the way around the house. It is looking great. Inside all doors are now installed and ready to be painted. All base board is in place. The kitchen cupboards are all in place and the countertops are in place. The water heater is wired. The laundry room is coming together; all rafters are up, sheeting is on and one piece of tin is tacked on, the window and door are installed, two walls sided and the floor joists are in. With one week to go there is quite a bit of work to do but this group is up to the challenge. Our goal is to have the owner and family in for Christmas. We learned from the case worker that the home owner, daughter and grandchild have been living from friend to friend for two years.

Jack and Barb Schmoll, team leaders