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Big Pine Key DR Dec 6, 2019


On Saturday Ron and Mary Freiberg and Herman and Janis Small joined the Phelps and Freemans in Big Pine Key.  Sunday we went to church in the morning and then in the evening had our pot luck dinner and meeting.  This week we worked on two houses.  Mr. Dennis kept the entire team busy on Monday and Tuesday.  We finished putting up the drywall in the hall and also finished the ceiling drywall in the closet and hall.  Kathy, Gene, and Herman finished putting the screws in the ceiling drywall.  We began mudding and taping the living room, dining room, and kitchen.  Some green board and insulation was put up in the bathroom.  By Thursday most of the mudding had received its second coat.  Larry and Herman worked on electrical and lights.  Ron put the corner tape between the ceiling and the walls in the rest of the living room and went into the hallway and back bedroom and closet.  Mary started taping and mudding in the living room and back bedroom.  Janis and Kathy filled a lot of screw holes and sanded them.  Gene and Carolyn taped and put the second coat of mud in the kitchen.  Since we will need to texture the ceiling next week, Mary and Ron helped us out by finishing the second coat of mud in the living room.  

As usual, Dennis helped out with the work on his house.  He is bubbling with joy as he helps us and enjoys learning new ways to do things. Thursday he went to get the permit for his house so that the work could continue.  Phillip (from the agency) was there to help him fill out the forms and to get everything in order.  He is very appreciative of the help he has received from the agency and the NOMADS.

Wednesday Herman and Gene went back to Miss Peggy’s house (by the school) and finished scraping the soffits around the deck of the house.   We have been working with this for a while.  Our problem is that after scraping and applying new paint with primer, the paint would peel.  It seems as though this is the job that is never ending!  The agency has purchased a special primer that is supposed to adhere to anything.  Herman and Gene applied some of this to see how it would do.  They found that if it was put on thickly some came off and had to be scraped.  A thin coat did better.  On Thursday, Kathy and  Larry installed the dishwasher, ran the water to the refrigerator, hooked up the drains for the sink and then joined Janis and Herman with the painting of the soffits and fascia board.  They got about half of it primed.  Hopefully, it will not peel.  The plan is that this house will be done so that the homeowners will be in by Christmas.   We do not see the homeowner very often since they are staying with their daughter nearby. 

Wednesday evening was movie night at the Freemans and we watched The Santa Clause and Friday evening was the sequel, Santa Clause 2.  During the day on Friday some of us went to Key West to check out some of the sights.  We lucked into a free day at the lighthouse!  

Friday and Saturday we said goodbye to the Phelps and Smalls.  Saturday around noon Anne and Max Armstrong and Elaine Grabin joined the team for next week.  

Gene and Carolyn Freeman, team leaders