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Florida DR weekly report Nov 29, 2019


Week of 11/25-11/29:  Week 8 of the project

The weekend before Thanksgiving, most of us went to Key West to explore different places.  We have been blessed to be close to a city that has multiple museums and different opportunities.  Our new RV spots at the church are nice and it is pretty quiet here.  Sunday we all went to church and then everyone went their own way.  Carolyn has been encouraged by the pastor’s wife to play horn in the cantata which has kept her busy on Sunday afternoons.  

The main thrust of this week has been to work on Mr. Dennis’ house and on Mr. Bob’s house.  We started on Dennis’ house last week and have continued the work we started.  Sara, Gene, and Carolyn have put the remaining foam insulation in and some more of the sheetrock in the living room/kitchen.  Gene had to take out some nails from the present lath and then put more in where there were gaps.  Gene cut a board on the table saw to finish the furring strips so we could get the rest of the insulation in.  We moved some of the sheetrock so that we could work on the living room.  The whole team got involved in this.  We are working to get him in his home as soon as possible.  It won’t be by Christmas, but I hope Valentine’s is doable for him.  He has almost finished the insulation in the back bedroom and also worked on putting in the ceiling in that bedroom.  Over the past two years he has put up the sheetrock on the walls in the back bedroom and the walls and ceiling in his bedroom.  He has appreciated the “helpful hints” the NOMADS have given him and his technique has improved greatly.  As I said last week, he is a joy to be around.  He told us this week that he used to be a commercial fisherman, but had to take time off when his parents were failing and ended up losing his business.  He is a little bitter about that, but looks at it as a way that he has been able to explore his artwork.  Also, he had a nursery before the hurricane and he has shown us so many beautiful tropical plants in his yard.  He has a great attitude and is so thankful.  

The agency is hoping that Mr. Bob and his father are in their home before Christmas.  Kathy, Sandi, Dave, and Larry worked at Mr. Bob’s house.  On Monday they found the three doors they were to put in, but the one for the front door was too small.  Since it was a special order door, it could not be returned.  They discovered that it would fit between the kitchen and porch.  The three doors were installed and trimmed.  One of the louvered doors did not get both sides painted a couple of weeks ago, which we discovered when we went to hang it.  Sandi painted it with the sprayer.  She and Kathy were able to patch holes in the closet and get them painted and also got that door hung.  The guys were able to adjust the front door so that it would open and close better.  They also finished the floor trim.  

Penny’s house was finished this morning.  After working over at Bob’s house, Sandi, Kathy, Larry, and Dave went over to Peggy’s house to work on the water lines for the dishwasher and ice maker.  The agency is also hoping that Miss Peggy is in her home by Christmas. In the past we have painted and put in a bedroom floor at this home.

We have some special visitors by our rigs—Key Deer and chickens.  Sunday morning the hen, rooster, and chicks visited us right after church.  The adult Key Deer are a little larger than a good sized German shepherd.  Friday we will say goodbye to Sandi and Dave Barclay and Sara Donaldson.    For Thanksgiving, the Phelps and Barclays went to Bahia Honda State Park and enjoyed an afternoon at the beach and swimming in the ocean. Sara and the Freemans went to the pastor’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Gene and Carolyn, Team Leaders