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Florida Disaster Rebuilding Team Report Nov 22, 2019


Week of Nov 18-21 in Big Pine Key

After a somewhat restful weekend, we started this week with church and also a little bit of a cool down. They call it winter down here; but to us, it feels as though it is late spring/early summer!

This week we have worked on a variety of projects.  The church had some damage from the hurricane and we worked on the sound booth.  When Gene called the church member in charge of it, he came right over to the church to show us what he wanted.  We got to do a little demolition—what fun!  We took out the flooring and a small amount of paneling that had to be cut down so that we could put in 3/4” plywood beneath the counter and on the floor.  It was cramped quarters. Sandi, Kathy, Gene, and Carolyn got the plywood in. Gene had to dismantle part of the enclosed area for the AC so we could get this done.  We put everything back and in order.  Sandi and Kathy painted the walls and repainted areas that needed it.  We also did some caulking.  It looks a lot better.

Sara, Dave, and Larry went to Miss Penny’s house and worked on fixing a door that a group tried to put in on Saturday.  They adjusted another door for her.  They also adjusted some trim.  There is a little more to do to finish this job.  

Monday Kathy, Sandi, and Carolyn cleaned the air vents of Miss Sarah’s house.  This is the house that we painted ceilings a couple of weeks ago.  Gene tried to contact her and got no answer.  On Tuesday Sandi and Gene installed the vents and Kathy and Carolyn handed the vents and screws up to help this job be completed quickly.  

Larry took the trailer over on Monday to Mr. Dennis’s house.  He was staying in a tent until there was a brush fire on Big Pine Key in April of 2018, which came within 1/2 block of his house.  The heat from the fire damaged his tent, so he moved into his house.  At this time, he was working on his house and had put some drywall up.   He has worked on his house for two years and was so glad to see us come to help him out.  Tuesday afternoon all seven of us went to Dennis’s house to move the materials that Home Depot delivered.  He has a lot of plants which are flowering and beautiful and is growing seedlings of many of his plants/bushes.  His tomato plants are blooming—he definitely has a green thumb.  On Wednesday morning, Sandi, Sara, Larry, and Dave went over to his house and took down some fluorescent lights, a vacuum system, fans, and other items from the attic In the afternoon.  Sandi went to the church to help Kathy finish the sound booth.  Gene and Carolyn joined Sara, Larry, and Dave.  They began putting in insulation between the attic and the ceiling in the dining room, kitchen and bedroom.  They were able to put up a couple of pieces of dry wall on the ceiling.  Sara, Gene, and Carolyn began putting up the foam insulation on the outside walls.  Dennis helped the NOMADS and he told us he was having an adrenaline rush from having us there to help him.  He is so happy that we have come to help him.  When we got to the house on Thursday, Mr. Dennis had almost finished the insulation in the back bedroom. Kathy, Larry, and Dave worked on putting more ceiling and Sara and Carolyn worked on the foam insulation in the outside walls.  We also had some furring strips to repair and a couple to replace.  Sandi and Gene joined us in the afternoon.  By the end of the workday, the ceiling crew had finished the kitchen ceiling and have about half of the living room ceiling done.  The southern wall of the living room and kitchen was finished as far as we could work—a pile of dry wall is in the way of completing this wall.  

At Mr. Charles’ house Sandi and Gene finished caulking the crown molding which had been damaged from the hurricane and installed the last two pieces of trim.  This finished his house and we presented his Bible.  Thursday night the team went out to Boondocks for dinner to celebrate a successful work week.  

Gene & Carolyn Freeman, team leaders