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Florida Disaster Rebuilding Continues Nov 14, 2019


Big Pine Key DR week of 11/11

On Friday Kathy Phillips left for her home and then on Saturday morning  Mike and Barb Druck left for their next adventure.  The adventure started earlier than planned when they were involved in a four vehicle accident in Homestead, about three hours north of us.  Luckily, they weren’t injured, just some damage to the back of their RV.  

Saturday we welcomed Sandi and Dave Barclay and Kathy and Larry Phelps.  We had hoped to welcome them in the new RV spots at the church, but the spots were not yet finished.  All of us enjoyed the Sunday church service and then a light lunch at the church afterward.  The Barclays and Phelps took the scenic route to church by not seeing the only traffic light in almost 30 miles!  Sunday evening we had a potluck at the Freeman’s RV.

Monday and Tuesday we returned to Bob’s house.  We have been able to make a lot of progress there. Kathy painted the doorways and put a second coat on some of the trim.  She also took a light to check where any touch up needed to be done in some of the rooms.  Dave and Larry put trim around the attic access.  Kathy touched up the paint on this area and also painted the board covering the hole and touched up the ceiling.  Sandi got to use the agency’s new power sprayer.  This was really a blessing on the louvered doors!  Don, the head contractor for the Lakeland Conference of the UMC, helped out and also got any materials we needed.  Gene, Don, and Carolyn finished off the baseboard in the two bedrooms.  Larry and Dave put down most of the baseboard in the hall,  living room, and front closet.  Since the new doors have not arrived, the living room could not be finished.  Carolyn cleaned out the linen closet,  Sandi and Kathy painted it, and Sandi put in the baseboard.  Don cut new shelves and helped Sandi put those in.  This was the biggest transformation in the house—it looked pretty bad from the hurricane and now looks amazing.  Sara worked on caulking the trim in one bedroom, the hallway, and doorways.  Carolyn finished up the caulking in the second bedroom.  Sara worked on installing the trim on the doorways in the living room closet, bathroom and bedrooms.  Coping the trim has caused the trim to take longer, but Jim (our construction coordinator) said he was told that doing the trim this way could add $5000 to the value of the home!  Tuesday afternoon, Larry brought in the kitchen cabinets and placed them in their boxes in the kitchen so that Bob can check their placement.  Don complimented the team on their quality of work, telling us that the work we have done is better than some of the professionals hired to do the same kind of work.  

On Wednesday we all went to Mr. Charles’ house.  He is a very hospitable person who has a sight impairment.  One of his favorite possessions is a Corvette.  He has been known to move the car up and back about a foot.  That is his daily driving.  Sandi, Sara, Gene, and Carolyn were the caulkers of the ceilings.  Gene and Carolyn put in a missing piece of baseboard and Sara caulked it.  Larry and Dave worked on installing an exterior door.  Kathy picked up around the area and also was the designated saw person for the day.  Sandi and Carolyn installed two transition strips and also fixed the wall by the transition strip in the washer/dryer closet.  

We finished out the week at three houses.  Sandi and Gene went back to a house that we have worked on from time to time.  They were going to finish the scraping and painting of Miss Peggy’s house.  When Don stopped at the house, he told them that they need to scrape the entire walkway around the house—even what we have already scraped and painted—and then wash it with a special chemical to see if it is better before we paint.  There is some kind of powder that is on the wood that is causing the paint not to stick.  They joined Sara, Kathy, and Carolyn at Bob’s house after the afternoon break.  They worked on touch up paint on the walls and on the baseboards.  The last of the touch up is done and the base board is finished until the doors arrive.  Three doors were installed.  Larry and Dave went over to Mr. Charles’ house and finished up.  They did some caulking, put up an exterior light, installed a transition strip and finished the door that they put in on Wednesday.  They were able to give Charles his Bible.   A very busy week!

Gene & Carolyn Freeman, team leaders