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Florida DR Weekly Team Report Nov 9, 2019


Week of 11/4 in Big Pine Key
Our team members are Mike and Barb Druck, Kathy Phillips, Sarah Donaldson, and Gene and Carolyn Freeman.  This week we have had a variety of projects for our work.  First thing Monday morning we all helped move plywood for the church.  Some of the members of the church were there to help and we were able to get this job done quickly.  Barb got sidelined using her nursing skills and helped one of the church members, David,  who cut his leg on one of the plywood boards.  Barb told David that he needed to go to the doctor and another one of the church members made an appointment for him.   She told him she would check up on him later and found out that he did go and had to have three stitches—definitely good advice from Barb!  After this some of the team went to Mimi’s house.  She had decided that she could finish the flooring in her home, so the team returned to the church where the rest of us were working on the construction of the platform by the main breaker box for the RVs at the church.  Kathy and Carolyn had a quick trip to the hardware store to get a couple of things that we needed.  We had to be careful of the Poisonwood Tree.  Jim ran off some information about it from the internet.  This tree is poison ivy ramped up on steroids!  It rained Sunday night and the runoff from higher leaves was killing lower leaves.  It was entwined with a palm tree and killing it.  Since it is an endangered tree, it can be trimmed but not removed.  After lunch, Sarah, Barb, and Carolyn went over to Bob’s house to work on painting trim.  He was very grateful that we had returned to his house to work on it.  Gene, Kathy, and Mike stayed at the church and worked on the platform.  
First thing Tuesday morning Jim had a “seminar” on using a table saw to cope trim.  Kathy and Mike stayed at the church and finished the platform. They worked on the railing which was repurposed metal railing.  The challenge was to make this work with the platform that they had finished on Monday.  Sarah, Barb, and Carolyn went over to Bob’s house to work on painting more trim and doors. Gene drove Jim’s truck over to Bob’s house with some of the kitchen cabinets. He and Bob unloaded the truck. Gene and Carolyn began putting down some of the baseboard, and Gene was able to use his newly learned skill from the morning. On Wednesday everyone went over to Bob’s house.  Barb painted doors, did some touch up painting, and also was a "gofer" when we needed an extra pair of hands at one of the saws.  She and Mike also moved trim from the kitchen to the living room.  Mike was the electrician of the day and wired many of the electrical outlets for the house.  He also did some alteration of one of the door casings.  Sarah and Kathy worked on putting up trim for some door casings and Kathy got an electricity lesson from Mike.  Gene and Carolyn worked on the baseboard trim.  It is slow going, but we were able to get some down. 
Thursday we worked at Bob’s.  Barb painted doors and did touch up.  Sarah worked on trim and also did some caulking.  Kathy and Mike worked on ceiling fans and got two of them installed.  They got the award for the most accomplished.  Gene and Carolyn worked a little on baseboard trim and on door trim.  Thursday evening we went back to Mangrove Mama’s to celebrate our week of work and to celebrate Barb, Mike, and Kathy before they leave for the mainland. 
Carolyn and Gene, team leaders