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Disaster Rebuilding in Florida - Nov 1, 2019


It is hard to believe that we have finished the fourth week of work here in the Keys.  The plumber has dug the trench for the water line and the pipe has been installed.  The electrician has also put in the wiring for the sites. We still need the sewer line to be dug.  Phillip Decker, who is heading up the relief project here, also helped dig some of the trenches with the machines that the plumbers brought.  On Friday, 11/1, the inspector may be out.  We should be into our new sites some time next week!  Hopefully, the no-see-ums will not be as active.  (These are obnoxious tiny bugs that bite and make you itch!  They are about the size of a piece of ground black pepper.)

We said good-bye to the Heald’s last Friday and celebrated by going out to dinner Thursday evening.  We welcomed Mike and Barb Druck on Saturday and had Sunday evening dinner together.  Tuesday, Kevin and Lora moved their RV to a park north of Marathon as planned and commuted the 40 minutes to Big Pine Key on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  This gave us an opening in the RV park for Kathy Phillips to join us late Tuesday afternoon.  

As usual, we have been fairly busy.  Gene and Kevin finished installing the door on Ken and Tanya’s house this week, which completed our work for those homeowners. Then they went to Charlie’s house and made and installed screens for two windows.  We will return later to this house to finish more work.  

Kevin, Lora, Gene, and Carolyn painted the soffits at George’s house.  This was the job that we tried to do last week, but the paint was bad.  The new paint went on well, but doing the south side of the house was really hot!  We are still working in the high 80’s with heat indices around 100.  

Barb, Sarah, and Mike worked on painting trim and putting in electric outlets in Bob’s house on Monday.  Jim was working on getting various organizations to fund some of his materials, so we will return to the house at a later date to resume painting trim and putting in electric outlets.  The entire team has worked at Mimi’s house installing flooring. Phillip also helped out Thursday morning with the flooring and then met with Mimi.  We have found that having the entire team working in the house tends to add to her stress level, so we have kept the number of team members to a maximum of five.  Sarah, Lora, Kevin, and Barb worked there on Wednesday and Gene joined them on Thursday.

Kathy and Carolyn worked over at the church Wednesday morning fixing the fence by the playground where the Boys and Girls Club meets.  In the afternoon they went to Peggy’s house to do more scraping.  First they had to secure an opening in the railing with 2x4’s.  We have a little more scraping and then will finish painting the soffit and fascia board.  

Thursday, Kevin, Kathy, and Carolyn painted ceilings at Sarah’s house.  Her family has five children, all of whom are adorable and very polite.  Her husband is a commercial fisherman.  Heidi and Paul, volunteers from Wisconsin, were also painting the ceilings.  They will finish the last ceiling tomorrow.  We painted the ceilings of two bedrooms and a playroom.  

We have been blessed to have been able to help a variety of people this week and to meet more home owners.  Today we said goodbye to Kevin and Lora.  We appreciated them signing up for an extra week and getting to work with them 4 extra days! 

Gene and Carolyn, team leaders