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Texas Disaster Rebuilding Oct 25, 2019


Disaster Rebuilding Report

Port Lavaca, TX

Week of 10/21/2019

There were three people on our team this week.  We continued work on the house on Main Street.  More sheetrock was installed, mud and tape was applied, and one bedroom ceiling was textured.  The kitchen was strengthened by connecting to main house, and the ceiling was prepared for sheetrock.  An old window was removed.  The back kitchen door was installed.  A trip under the house was taken in order to run some more electrical wire.  We began installing wooden siding.  The plywood sheet covering the hole in the living room was removed, and plans were made as to how to repair.  Vinyl tile was removed revealing live termites still active.  Poison will be applied this weekend.  We are happy to report that we are all well, and we all enjoy both the BBQ next door and the Mexican food restaurant across the street!

Suzanne Cronin, Team Leader