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Florida Rebuilding Oct 25, 2019


10/21-10/24 in the Florida Keys

Gene read in a local paper that over 300 homes in Big Pine Key were either destroyed or damaged over 50% and 125 of those are now vacant lots.  Because of this, the traffic flow on US 1 is better than in the past.  This past Saturday evening we played a game of Apples to Apples in Freeman’s RV.  We all had a good time and Larry was the winner.  Sunday we went to church and some stayed for the lunch afterwards.

Monday we had planned to go to Kenny’s to work on the door and then to Peggy’s house to work on the floor.  Ken called Gene and told him that he had lost his billfold—not sure if he was pickpocketed or left it on a table in Key West and also had his brakes freeze up and his wheel broke.  So, we had a change of plans and started a new house.  Bob’s house has had almost all of the walls replaced.  A professional did the drywall and we went over to paint.  We first had to put down paper to protect the floor.  We ran out and found some plastic drop cloths to finish the job.  We got all of the kitchen and living room painted with primer and some of the two bedrooms.  No AC today and a heat index >100!

Wednesday started with a beautiful sunrise, devotions, and then the team went to three locations.  Gene and Kevin went to Kenny’s to work on the back door.  They cut the door to fit the opening, attached the hinges, and then attached the door to the frame that they built.  This has been challenging for them because the door Ken purchased was just a door and did not have a frame. Sarah, Diane, and Larry went over to Peggy’s house and worked on the floor.  They ran out of flooring and will finish it tomorrow. Lora and Carolyn went over to Bob’s house and finished painting the bedrooms and hallway.  The painting is almost done—just a little touch up for Thursday.  

Thursday Sarah, Larry, and Diane finished the floor.  Jim sent over three boards to finish it up.  Kevin and Gene got the toilet set into the master bath.  Lora and Carolyn finished up the painting at Bob’s house. There was just a little bit of touch up.  Then everyone joined us to get everything cleaned up. This was finished by break.  We loaded ladders into vehicles and headed over to George’s house.  Ladders and drop cloths were taken up to the second floor.  We got everything ready and then Larry opened the paint.  It had not color.  Kevin and Gene went over to Kenny’s to work on the door.  The stir rod that goes in the drill was in Freeman’s vehicle.  Jim told us to use the stirring whip for 10 minutes.  It was then time for lunch.  Gene came over after lunch and used the whip to stir the paint.  It was still the same—a tinge of gray and when put on the roof, it had no color.  So—the paint was bad.  On the way to lunch, Lora noticed that their truck had a warning light.  After lunch they went to NAPA and were told where a diesel repair shop was.  We decided that it would be best to go to Peggy’s house and work on scraping the soffit and facia board.  Gene stopped at Ken’s and explained that work on his door would resume on Monday.  Finally, we were able to do some work—we got to drag the ladders up to the second floor of another house!  Sarah, Diane, Larry, Gene, and Carolyn worked on this.  We were able to get some more scraping done and some painting done.    Although we were frustrated with all the craziness, the team was flexible!