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Weekly Team Report Florida DR Oct 18, 2019


October 14-17 at Big Pine Key

This week has been quite warm—high 80’s with heat index over 100.  Most of the work has been in air conditioning.  For the outside work we had to take frequent breaks and hydrate at those breaks.  

Sunday we all went to church.  After church we enjoyed having lunch at the church.  The church members have been very welcoming and are glad that we are here.  We will need to stay a third week at the RV park.  Hopefully, we will be staying at the church at the end of next week.  The permits have been pulled for the job and the plumber and electrician are supposed start on Friday, 10/18.  The coastal flooding has started to recede—all in the RV park are glad to see that!  

Most of the week we have worked at the home of Ken and Tanya.  Ken has been working with us and so has his friend, Scotty. The first thing we had to do was to take down one wall and then spray the outside of the insulation with mold killer before we could put up the new drywall.  Sarah, Lora, Diane, Carolyn, and Gene worked on putting up the new drywall. We taped and mudded it and Ken and Scotty painted the “old” walls.  Diane and Lora worked with Ken to put down the vinyl laminate flooring in the bedroom.  Then Carolyn, Gene, and Lora put down the baseboards and the trim around the windows.  Sarah was in charge of cutting the trim for us.  We had some trouble with the trim around one window and Scotty came in and helped us.  The problem was caused from the new drywall being a 1/8” thicker than the previous drywall.  Kevin, Larry, and Gene worked on getting out a sliding glass door and replacing it with French doors.  The door was a little smaller than the opening, and shims came to the rescue!  The hardware that Kenny bought was somewhat challenging for Kevin and Larry, but they persevered and succeeded.  They helped Gene get the back door out.  It was definitely a challenge to get out—many nails, screws, and limited maneuverability due to the back porch.  Since the house is a single wide trailer, this door is smaller than a regular door.  It was hard finding a 30” solid door (so it could be more easily shortened).  Ken had to go to the mainland to get it.  There had been a variety of different types of flooring installed over the years this home has been in existence.  Gene had to get out four layers of tile, linoleum, etc The door Ken purchased had no frame included—just a solid door with a window.  Gene and Kevin worked on making a door frame, but did not get it completely in place.  Kenny and Tanya are donating the sliding glass door to the agency to use in another home.  

Wednesday afternoon Larry, Diane, and Kevin worked on fixing some shelving at the church.  They still need to make them longer.  Another group had made them and there was some tweaking to do on them!  Sarah, Gene, and Carolyn went to a new build where plates had to be put over the electric lines where they went through wood.  We thought we were going to have to put plates over the plumbing, but the plumber had come back and done that, so we only had to put the plates over the electric lines.  Now the house can have the drywall installed.  

Thursday the team returned to Miss Peggy’s house by the school where we worked last week.  Sarah painted the baseboard and she, Larry, and Carolyn worked on getting the baseboards installed in the master bathroom.  Larry, Kevin, Diane, and Lora finished putting down the subfloor in the second bedroom and Lora and Diane started putting down the vinyl laminate in that room.  Carolyn and Lora worked on scraping and painted the soffits and fascia board on the south side and some on the east side.  Part of this was in the sun and it was a hot job!

Wednesday, Tanya came home from work at the end of our work day.  She saw the bedroom which now had been trimmed.  She told us that every day the house was getting closer to being done.  Then she said, “My life will be back to normal, whatever normal is.  I can’t remember what that is.  But, I am a lot better off than my friend in the Bahamas. “

Have a great week!
Gene and Carolyn Freeman