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Wisconsin Disaster Rebuilding Continues - Aug 26, 2019


Wisconsin Report 8/17-23

This week we said goodbye to Tom and Jenny as they headed to Michigan to lead another project. Thanks for all your hard work! We welcomed Nancy and Gary to Wisconsin this week. Our temperatures have cooled down with a low one morning of 46 and most of the daily highs were in the 70’s. Really nice place to be in August.

This week we continued to work on Nate’s house. By the end of the week, all the walls were up, windows were installed, and sub-floor was down. That means we have completed all we can do until the plumber and electrician arrive. The plumber is supposed to be there Monday.

We also continued to work at Rhonda’s house. She and Denise moved into the house over the weekend but there was still much to be done. We removed and installed a new side entry door, re-installed a portion of the siding that was removed during the window installation, stained and polyurethaned a lot more trim and installed the last interior door.

We started and completed a project at JJ’s house. There we reinstalled a vinyl plank flooring in the basement, repaired and re-textured the drywall and then re-installed the baseboards. It took us about 2.5 days to complete that project. We were really pleased with the re-texture. After painting, the patch matched the original wall so well you really couldn’t tell it had been damaged.

We also took some time to have fun on Friday when several of the team members went to visit a cheese factory and took a boat ride on the Wisconsin river in the Dells.

Anne and Max, team leaders