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Hosting Agencies Love Their NOMADS Teams!


Here are just a few comments from some of our Summer 2019 project hosts, about their NOMADS teams: 

“The NOMADS were excellent and very hard working! They went above and beyond what we expected of them and blew through our "To Do" lists. Our leaders were amazing and really became a part of our camp community!”

“Very pleasant group of people. Very accommodating to our residents and did a wonderful job. We enjoyed having them and look forward to our next project.”

“They did a fantastic job during some horribly hot weather. They worked well and long hours and did beautiful work. Our fellowship hall looks beautiful and more inviting. They are dedicated Christians who are willing to help others. I and the congregation are forever in their debt.”

“High quality of work without complaint, helped problem solve, find money saving solutions, friendly and outgoing team.”

“This group of NOMADS worked diligently and joyfully on all projects, and they participated in the life of the congregation in worship, a yard sale, and in a community meal. Our leaders were AMAZING leaders and encouragers. We thank God for them and their partnership for the past two summers. Thank you, Carla and NOMADS, for your example of living out God's vision of service, especially through our Wesleyan understanding of 'connectionalism'.”

“They were a hard-working and delightful crew!”

“What a great team! Three of the individuals have become regulars here and are more like family than workers. Overall, the group accomplished much, worked hard, and served with a joyful and encouraging spirit.”

“They were a hardworking bunch. They took a lot of initiative and mostly just checked in with me about priorities, progress, etc. I found them resourceful and always had good suggestions. They were on time and worked all day. They enjoyed meals with us when we were serving. We had lovely conversations around the dinner table.”

“Great as always. I know the group was slightly discouraged they did not complete the shower house project, but that was a huge undertaking. We have it to a workable condition now and will complete the work with maintenance staff and additional work groups in the fall. I still can't speak highly enough of the work accomplished, the kindness shown and the faith with which the NOMADS operate.”