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Weekly Team Report from Wisconsin DR Aug 20, 2019


Max and Anne took over leadership in Wisconsin on 8/16 and said goodbye to leaders Jack and Barb and team members Calvin and Marsha.  They did great work here and the homeowners and church members were sad to see them leave.  We welcomed Jodi and Stel and Tom and Jenny as new Wisconsin team members. 

On Sunday we had a wonderful worship service at Winding Rivers UMC. There was a baptism and communion – two of our most sacred rituals. As is their custom for all volunteers, the church fed us a delicious meal prepared by Roxy and her helpers. 

On Monday we split into two teams with some going to Nate’s house for the first time to begin the work of removing a wall between a bath and laundry room, removing the shower, replacing it with a tub shower combo at a different location in the new room, removing a toilet and repairing the rotten sub-floor.  Monday and Tuesday was spent on demo.  In one of the walls they found a huge wasp or yellow jacket nest that fortunately was inactive. It filled the entire area above the window.  Wednesday reconstruction began and continued Thursday with repairs to floor joists and sub-floor, moving a wall and removal and capping of old plumbing. 

Work continued this week at Teresa’s which we began last week.  Wednesday the final sanding was done on the drywall and the walls were textured Thursday.  Teresa is going to do her own painting and when that is complete we will return to install some trim.  At that point the NOMADS portion of that house will be complete.  Team Rubicon will then come in and with their strong backs fill the basement with sand.   

We also continued work at Rhonda’s house.  Our goal for last week and this week was to complete two bedrooms and the bathroom so that the two sisters could move into the house and continue the remodel while living there.  They are so ready to be in their own place.  We worked hard all week texturing, painting, staining and installing trim, and building custom door frames since the walls of this old home are too thick for standard frames.  We also installed the toilet, trimmed windows, installed closet rods and shelving along with lock sets and did a lot of clean up.  At the end of the day Thursday, the three rooms were ready and the ladies were so excited to be moving this weekend.  There is still a lot to be done at Rhonda’s house and we think we will return to help but there are some other high priority items we may be doing at other places next week.           
We were fed two more wonderful meals by the ladies of the church – Grilled bar-b-que chicken with Roxy’s home-made sauce one night and cowboy casserole the other.  Such precious people at this church. 

Over the weekend the team did some tourist things in the area and did some work at the church as well.   A lot was accomplished this week. It was a good week and we thank God for another week of being the hands and feet of Jesus to the people of Wisconsin. 

For more detailed information and pictures, you can see our blog at www.RVingWithaPurpose.com

Anne and Max