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Weekly Report from Wisconsin DR July 20, 2019


We welcomed Duane and Jennifer Gebhard and Jack and Barb Schmoll to our team. All of us have been spoiled by the hospitality of the church and by the great meals that Roxy fixed for us.

This week has been busy and productive. On Monday, Cindy, Bruce, and Janette finished Isaac’s house. They finished the doors, baseboard, and trim in the house. The rest of the team went to Village of Friendship where we worked for the rest of the week. Cindy, Bruce, and Janette joined us on Tuesday. The house here is a two story house with basement. We worked in the basement which had been flooded this spring. When the snow was melted by rain, the basement was flooded. To rescue their cat, one of the home owner’s daughters took a kayak into the basement through a sliding glass door. When she went into the basement to rescue the cat, she found a Bible completely dry on the top of a mattress. This was the only thing dry in the basement! She rescued both the cat and the Bible!

Last week’s VIM group brought in the sheet rock which was a blessing! It had to come down a steep incline because it could not be taken down the stairway. They also put up the sheetrock in one room. Our job for the week was to finish dry walling the remaining basement, except for the wall with the sliding glass door and a small wall adjacent to this. Jack, Jerry, Cindy, Gene, Duane, and Jennifer got the drywall up by Thursday. Duane and Jennifer finished the insulation where it was needed. Gene fixed the electric outlets in the room that was ready for mudding. Barb, Jennifer, Janette, and Carolyn worked on taping and mudding. All of the walls have had the tape applied and the room that already had the drywall up had had the second and third coats of mud applied. There was a lot of taping and mudding for us to do! Next week’s group gets the honor of finishing up what we have started.

On Thursday, Duane, Cindy, and Gene stayed back at the church to change over the fluorescent lights to LED bulbs. They had thirty-nine to do and finished up at 3:50!

Wednesday evening we celebrated with the Team Rubicon group and Americorp group at dinner. Team Rubicon members were housed at a nearby military camp and most were active or retired military. They were working in the area doing disaster response. The pastor introduced the NOMADS team and some of the Team Rubicon came up to us and asked us about NOMADS. Gene went out and got some brochures and passed out a few.

Thursday evening we said good-bye to the pastor and the Gebhardts and then Friday to the rest of the team. The Schmolls are welcoming an all new team to the project this weekend. 

Submitted by Gene and Carolyn Freeman