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Disaster Work Continues in Wisconsin July 14, 2019


We had a great time this week and got a lot accomplished. Bruce and Janette Lenhardt came in on Saturday and Cindy Schenck joined us on Sunday for this week’s DR team. Friday we said good-bye to Gary and Betsy Johnson and Dale and Anne Messmore. Thursday evening of this week Jack and Barb Schmoll joined us at dinner and then came in on Friday. Saturday evening (7/13) Duane and Jennifer Gebhard came in to join our team for next week.

Monday morning Bruce, Janette, Gary, Betsy, Cindy, Ann, and Dale went to Isaac’s house to work on his basement. There they worked on taping and mudding. They also worked on ceiling tiles. Another team had put up the drywall previously. They had some challenges with large gaps between the ceilings and walls and learned to use the metal tape.

Gene and Carolyn went with Pastor Deb to look at Theresa’s house. We refer to it as the moat house. To get to the garage, you have to drive through a good amount of water. There is pavement underneath it and it is safe to do so. There is a lot of standing water in the yard. We checked on what we would do there and then went back to Isaac’s house where we had Gary and Betsy join us to do demolition. We tore out a door and part of two walls. The basement of this house will be filled with sand and pea gravel to prevent the walls from buckling in. Our job after demolition was to frame in the top of the basement stairway and to make a stable floor for the furnace, hot water heater, and well pump to be placed there. Also a hole in the floor and a trap door had to be made for access to the crawl space. This was down the hall from the stairway work. Betsy and I also bagged a lot of trash and put it into the back of their truck to bring back to the church. Then we got to empty the truck into a trailer. Tuesday through Thursday Gary, Gene, and Carolyn completed the work on the trap door and stairway. We also took out the basement door and closed its access with drywall.

Tuesday through Thursday Janette and Betsy finished up sanding and mudding at Isaac’s house. We all got to meet him on Tuesday. Isaac is a pastor and teaches apologetics classes. He is very excited to have his house worked on. Bruce got to work on installing two doors which proved to be challenging, but the end result is great.

Anne, Cindy, and Dale went back to Karen’s house where we all worked the first week. They finished the painting. Some of the door trim was missing from when the house was cleaned out from the flood. Lynette, our work manager, picked up the materials for the door trim. They stained some trim, put up the pre-finished baseboard trim, and also trimmed around the basement stairwell and painted some of the stairwell. The finished up on Thursday and presented Karen with her Bible.

Gene and Carolyn Freeman, team leaders