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Wisconsin Disaster Rebuilding Team Report July 6, 2019


We have been welcomed royally by Winding Rivers UMC.  The congregation is very friendly and we are fed at least 3 times per week.  The food is great!  Roxy does a great job taking care of us.  Pastor Deb is a go-getter and is inspiring this congregation to be active in service  They provide housing and meals for volunteers.  We have encountered rain every day except Friday, but the rain has not hampered our work.  Most days the rain came after the work day was finished.  

This week Anne and Dale Messmore and Gene and Carolyn Freeman joined Charlie and Martha Brown and Gary and Betsy Johnson at the DR project in New Lisbon, WI.  We worked Monday-Wednesday at Miss Karen’s house in Kendall, WI.  Her basement has been damaged by flood waters in August/September of last year.  In previous weeks NOMADS had installed most of the dry wall and also began taping and mudding.  This week’s team finished installing the drywall and has finished taping all of the drywall.  We also have only a small amount of final mudding to do.  Gene worked on tightening the outlets and getting them at the right distance from the wall.  Dale and Martha began painting and got most of the cut-in done.  At the end of Wednesday, Dale began rolling the walls on the street side of the house.

On Thursday, July 4, we worked at the church, on some of the work that they needed to have done.  We put together a desk and cubicle—no directions—which proved to be challenging!  We got to sort through a couple of buckets of parts for different hardware.  Anne, Dale, Betsy, Martha, Gene and Carolyn worked on this.  While we were doing this, Charlie and Gary worked on putting a shed together—no directions included again.  Betsy and Martha helped them with this endeavor.  After the shed was finished, Gary and Charlie moved some wood into the shed.  After they finished this job, they worked on a trailer and sealed the front of it and fixed the roof so it no longer leaks. 

Thursday evening we finished off the week by having a pot luck and then played games afterward.  We had a full and productive week.  Friday morning we had to say good-bye to Charlie and Martha.