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End of our Time in Baton Rouge 5-10-19


Baton Rouge Update 5/10/2019
The NOMADS Disaster Rebuild project has come to an end in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Thursday was bittersweet with the leaving.  At the end we were still working on two homes that still needed a lot of work to be completed.

Max, Anne, Joe, and Charley had been working on the home of the Ford’s.  This home was a complete rebuild on the interior of the home.  NOMADS over several periods during the last year completed installing cabinets, flooring, doors, some sheet rock wall board, countertops, and lots of painting.  Even though the home was not completed the team met with Mrs. Ford on Wednesday and presented her with a Bible signed by many of the NOMADS that have been in Baton Rouge.
Bob, Virginia, Sharon and Gary had spent several weeks working at Mrs. Dixon’s home.  The team installed vinyl plank flooring in two bedrooms and a hallway.  The work took longer than normal due to the unevenness of the concrete floor.  Bob and Gary worked most of the time installing new kitchen cabinets and countertops.  The countertops were built on site due to the shape of the cabinets, with three left 45’s and three right 45’s.  Two of the tops had to be finished on both sides and one end because they were installed like and island, not against the wall.  Bob did an excellent job of making sure that all cuts were accurate and square.  New cabinets were also installed in the bathroom.  The old one-piece sink/countertop fit on the new vanity.  A new door was installed for the bathroom.  Along with this work, the team did some painting and staining of wood paneling.  We had a tearful time leaving Mrs. Dixon.  As we were preparing to leave, she presented a little gift to Sharon and Virginia, the three of them had become close friends.  We then presented her with a Bible signed by the NOMADS.  There is still some work to be completed in her home, but she can live in it.

NOMADS have spent 22 weeks in Baton Rouge over the past two years.  I want to thank each of you for your participation on this project, and every other Disaster Project that has been completed so far this year.  Even if you did not actually work on the project, I know you were praying for the teams.  There were times that we knew that our family of NOMADS were praying for us because the Lord was answering with keeping us safe and giving us the skills to do the work.

The Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church will be closing the long-term recovery efforts at the end of May.  There still will be some VIM teams working in Baton Rouge, but not with the efforts that have been in place for the past two years.  Please keep the many families in Baton Rouge that are still in need of help in your prayers.
A new project begins in a few weeks in Wisconsin.  Please keep this project in your prayers also.
Gary Hatcher